Easy To Build, Easy To Improve, Easy To Grow Your App With Firebase


Mobile app/game developers are overwhelmed by problems that occur during the process of app development, and growing app revenue. By understanding these issues that publishers are facing, Google decided to publish a back-end service which supports developers and allows them to do their work much easier than ever.

I)  Building a better App with Firebase.

  • You have to build your own server and spend huge amount of time on keeping them in check. You also have to fix app bugs and other issues in order to make sure your security system is functioning properly. This will no longer be a hassle as Firebase Cloud Firestore provides serverless service with compressive set of security rules. Also, all of your data will be automatically synchronized across all type of iOS and Android devices. Last but not least, your database will be backed up by Google Cloud Store which scale up to petabytes – Enough to store up to billions of photos that are uploaded by users.
  • Most developers need to have an extreme amount of time to work on back-end coding. Normally, you need to deploy your code to back-end server that you’re managing, then the app will use the library or API to communicate and issue a request to that server. However, all of those complex processes will be solved easily by Firebase Function, all you need to do is deploying your code to Firebase and they will automatically respond to your app.
  • You also want to provide an easy authentication system for your users with the purpose of encouraging them to log-in for an end-to-end identity solution. Firebase Authentication brings you with a customizable and flexible drop-in UI to sign-in any platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Github, etc.

II) Improving your app with Firebase

  • There are hundreds of different mobile devices are being used by people worldwide. Crashes are unavoidable for developers when the app is running in a specific type of device. The situation can get even worse when it is almost impossible to test your app on every device in the market. For solving these issues, Google invented Firebase Crashlytics – a powerful troubleshooting tool. All the crashes  occur across devices will be reported and Firebase Crashlytic will suggest which issues are needed your first priority concern. Moreover, the real-time report covers essential information that you need on crashes and improvements across different versions of your app.
  • Apart from the impact of crashes on user experience, Firebase also provides you a Performance Monitoring function which will gather your user insights for you to have a better understanding about your users. User behaviors including the duration time of usage, devices that they use, where they’re from, which operating systems they are using (Android or iOS) and other useful information. Based on those information from your user, you can determine when is the critical moments to enhance user satisfaction level.

III) Growing your business with Firebase.

The combination of Firebase In-App Messaging, Prediction and A/B Testing allows you to test your latest updates, new features and fresh ideas to determine whether your app development process would be likely to be successful or not at almost no cost.

  • First of all, you need to integrate Firebase Prediction into your app. This function will gather all the events that are happening in your app in regards to help you dividing all users into different segmentations based on the common behavior of each user group
  • The prediction and segmentation are valuable information for you to design your app with the aim of increasing the retention rate and the percentage of daily active users. Your users can receive the information that they might be interested in by using in-app in-app messaging to encourage them to log-in and spend more time on your app. A/B testing will select a small number of users from each user segmentation for you to test if your latest updates and changes would work as well as you expect them to be.

In conclusion, Google Firebase is a highly supportive tool for developers by reducing the technical burden of building and maintaining back-end server. It also provides powerful features on crash reporting, monitoring performance and helping you to gain the insight that you need to attract your users more effectively. The only way for you to know how efficient and productive it can be is to try it. The best experience is await.

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