Google MCM Program: Understanding Manage Account and Manage Inventory

Google Multiple Customer Management (MCM) is a special tool by Google to help publishers gain access to Google AdX demand with the support of a Google MCM partner. Working with a Google MCM can be a powerful weapon to maximize your ad revenue exponentially, as long as you choose the right Google MCM partner to work with. This article will help you discover what Google MCM is and how you can leverage its potential. 

What is Google MCM

Google MCM is a feature only available in Ad Manager 360 that allows third-party partners to offer publishers access to Google AdX. These Ad Manager providers manage the publisher’s networks or inventory on their behalf.

“With Multiple Customer Management (MCM), Ad Manager publishers can earn revenue with the help of third-party providers who can consult, represent, and manage networks or inventory on their behalf.” – Google.

In other words, MCM creates a “parent-child” relationship between the MCM partner (“parent publisher”) and the publisher (“child publisher”), enabling publishers to increase their revenue potential with the help of Google MCM partners.

Key benefits of Google MCM: 

  • Get access to Google AdX & third-party demand partners to help you improve eCPM and fill rate. 
  • MCM partners provide custom ad monetization and support handled by certified-Google experts. 
  • Comprehensive data analysis and transparent payment when working with a certified Google MCM partner. 

MCM Delegation Types

Once the parent-child relationship is formed, there’re two types of delegation: Manage Account (MA) and Manage Inventory (MI). It’s worth noting that a child publisher can have one Manage Account parent and up to 15 Manage Inventory parents at the same time. However, the child publisher can’t be managed by the same parent under both delegation types. 

MCM Manage Account (MA)

In this delegation type, the child publisher grants complete account access to the parent publisher. The inventory is managed in the child’s account.  

MCM Manage Inventory (MI)

In Manage Inventory (MI) delegation, the child publisher delegates only inventory to the parent publisher. The inventory will be managed in the parent’s account.

Manage Account (MA) vs. Manage Inventory (MI)

You can have a look at the key differences between 2 types of MCM delegations in this table: 

Manage AccountManage Inventory
InvitationA child publisher will receive an invitation to join the Google MCM program from the parent publisher.A child publisher will receive an invitation to join the Google MCM program from the parent publisher. When accepted, the parent publishers can manage specific delegated inventory.
Account AccessAccess to a child account, except for billing informationDoesn’t have access to a child account
Inventory AccessAccess to all child’s ad inventoriesAccess to only “Delegated ad inventories.”
TraffickingManage all inventory from the child accountManage delegated ad requests from the parent account
TaggingChild publishers use their own Ad Manager tags.Child publisher uses Ad Manager tags of MI parent publisher
PaymentBoth parent and child publisher receive an auto-payment based on a pre-agreed revenue shareParent publishers relieve full payment from Google, then transfer the revenue share to the child publisher.
ReportingAll reporting is shown in the child’s networkAll reporting is shown in the parent’s network.

How you can take full advantage of Google MCM

The answer is simple: Working with a Google MCM Partner. Though Google has yet to publish its list of certified MCM partners, working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) is always a safe option to leverage your mobile monetization solution. GCPP has a team of Google-certified specialists to support you in onboarding and ad monetization so you can maximize your mobile ad revenue in no time. 

Premium Ads is a GCPP and Google MCM Partner with 7+ years of experience in the adtech and mobile monetization industry. Premium Ads provides you with demand from Google AdX and 35+ third-partner demands that undoubtedly can scale up your eCPM and fill rate. Earning more with us is truly easy and seamless with no SDK required, so don’t hesitate to start now.  

If you’re looking for a trusted Google MCM partner who can go with you toward monetization success, look no further! Gamob is here, and we promise not to let you down.

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