How To Select The Right ASO Tools


As you may already know that ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing 7 key elements of your mobile app such as Keywords, App Icon, App Name, etc. With each process of optimizing your app, there are various ASO tools that assist throughout the whole process. ASO tools provide you with numerous features and options. However, the majority of ASO tools online are not often free to use and it’s hard to pick the one that can suit your needs.

ASO process covers many sections of an app and so do ASO tools. For the purpose of getting a better understanding about ASO tools and choosing which one will be useful for you the most, you need to understand what types of tools are out there in the market and when you need to use them.
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There are 6 different types of ASO tools that you need to know:

App Keyword Optimization Tools.

This type of ASO tools are dedicated to assist you when it comes to optimizing your app keywords with the purpose of increasing your app search traffic. There are a great number of tools that cover every aspect of keyword optimization such as app keywords suggestions tools, keyword tracking, trending keyword search tools, keywords comparison tools, etc.

Recommended tools: Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Mobile Action, Sensor, Tower, Meatti, App Radar, Keyword Tool,, ASOdesk, Searchman, TheTool.

App Product Page Optimization Tools.

Your app page is one of the most important ingredients in regards to app optimization. It’s the first thing that users look at when they find your app so you need to make that first impressions count. These tools will analyze your app product page and bring you some recommendations with the intention of improving your app title, app icon, app screenshots, pricing, etc.

Recommended tools: AppTweak, Meatti

User Review and Rating Analysis Tools.

User review and rating are another major key element in ASO. There is no better way on the journey to improving your app development than listening to your own users. You learn more about your users by analyzing their reviews and ratings. This process helps you to improve your app by telling you what your users like and don’t like about their experience with the app. With these insights, you can refine your app with the aim of getting better traffic and increasing downloads.

To help you with this process, there are tools like Appbot, Apptentive, Mobile Action and TheTool. They analyze all of your user reviews and ratings and provide you the insights that you need.

Recommended tools: Appbot, Apptentive, Mobile Action, TheTool

A/B Testing Tools.

Testing is a common practice that you should do in the process of optimizing your app. It allows you to make the right decision when it comes to changes for your app. Additionally, A/B testing tools assist you on testing 2 or more alternatives of your app pages and give you critical results on which app page alternatives will more likely get better download rate.

Recommended tools: TestNest, Store Maven, RaiseMetrics, Splitmetrics

Search Ads optimization Tools.

There is no app that can succeed without a great marketing strategy. It has a major impact on your app. Nonetheless, to carry out an advertising campaign is not easy in this competitive market unless you have the right tools to help you to make the right decision. Search Ads Optimization Tool is your personal strategist who provides you with a variety of automation features and your competition insights. With the help of these tools, you will more likely to carry out your ad campaigns successfully and efficiently.

Recommended tools: SearchAdsHQ, SearchAds by Mobile Action, adAhead

App Store Intelligence Tools.

Last but not least, these App Store Intelligence Tools work just as your scouters, it provides you crucial estimates of your competitor performance and the app market trendings. Furthermore, they run through your competitor apps data and give you estimates include revenue, app downloads, market penetration, etc. With these insights that these tools provide, you can improve on your app product management and marketing strategy.

Recommended tools: App Annie, Mobile Action, Sensor Tower, Priori Data, Apptopia, APPlyzer

To conclude, for every aspect of App Store Optimization, there will be a tool for you to make that process easier. Just like many things in life, not all the tools are suitable for you and your needs. However, you can use these information and find the best tool for your needs based on your requirements throughout your ASO journey.

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