Policy Resources Available to Publishers: Latest Update 11/02/2019

Googlers know that publisher first priority is creating content and growing business, so they are provided multiple platforms with right resource information in many places to help publishers understand policies in the way that suits them best.

From Google official blog update, there are six available resources for publishers to update policies, practices and product changes:

  1. Policies Help Centre – where publishers can view all AdSense program policies, with detailed information on specific areas such as content policies, ad implementation policies, webmaster guidelines and much more.
  2. AdSense Forum – an available resource where publishers can be helped by other experienced expert publishers to get a better understanding about Adsense policies. They can also review previous threads or post questions and receive feedback from the community.
  3. Adsense Youtube channel, a platform where Google are investing in addressing questions for  publishers who prefer videos over text. This channel will be frequently updated in the next year
  4. Publishers can also check out the latest policies update at Inside Adsense blog. Moreover, Google experts from Adsense giving best practises and advice to help publishers avoid common pitfalls, maximize revenue and remain policy compliant. Besides, Inside Adsense blog provides updates on industry drivers which may be useful for publishers

Several important channel publishers can update their knowledge are Facebook and Twitter, and Googlers often speak at conferences and host publisher events at their offices worldwide to gather feedback from publishers.

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