Top App Analytics Tools (Part 1)

There are so many instruments for app analytics out there that it is difficult to understand which one to use. But you’re going to use more than one tool realistically. Using a range of distinct instruments and SDKs, app designers assist them get a holistic perspective of their app. Each tool will provide you with a distinctive perspective of your app and how it works.

In this article, you will discover presently on the market the top app analytics platforms, along with a few important information on each.

App Analytics Tool #1: Firebase (Google Analytics for Apps)

Firebase is a suite of Google applications for mobile developers, it is a platform that not only provides analysis of your mobile application but also provides tools to help you optimize and improve quality & product. Firebase lets you focus on your users based on detailed, accurate and specific analysis, Google’s large database.


  • Crash reporting
  • Deep linking performance
  • In-app purchase data
  • Attribution
  • Segments

Price: Free/Paid

Platforms Supported: iOS and Android

App Analytics Tool #2: Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics can help you track new users, active users, sessions, and more. Monitor performance by app, compare metrics across different apps or measure the growth of your entire portfolio. 

Flurry’s dashboards provide detailed insights about user and session activity. Furthermore, learn more about how many of your users frequently return to your app by leveraging Flurry’s user retention metrics.


  • Flurry Push
  • Real-Time Metrics
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Crash Analytics 2.0
  •  Analytics Reporting API

Price: Free/Paid

Platforms Supported: iOS and Android

App Analytics Tool #3: Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an excellent solution throughout analytics that helps businesses with their web and mobile analytics. Their product analysis provides responses on how consumers interact with their products. Companies can gain a better knowledge of the trips of their customers and unlock more ideas about everyone.


  • Behaviour Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Infrastructure
  • Message & Experiments
  • Data Governance

Price: Free/Paid

Platforms Supported: iOS and Android, Web

App Analytics Tool #4:

Fabric is a distinctive instrument where various analytics tools are compiled. It provides everyone a extensive image and knowledge of the results and safety of your app on your mobile team. It’s great for a multitude of gaming-specific applications for video applications.


  • Crashlytics
  • Analytics Engine 
  • Admob
  • Fastlane

Price: Free

Platforms Supported: Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Unity

App Analytics Tool #5: Appsee

Appsee is a distinctive platform that not only offers your traditional, quantitative analysis and reporting on crashes, but also your qualitative analysis. They provide you with touch heatmaps and user session recordings for your visual information. This is an additional layer of numerical data that helps to respond to the “why” behind the numbers. Instead of just being notified of a crash, you will see the sequence of user action that led to the crash with Appsee’s user session recordings— without recreating the crash. If fragmentation disrupts the UI of your app, the touch heatmaps of Appsee will assist you detect the issue before it becomes poor reviews.


  • Touch Heatmaps
  • User Session Recordings
  • Crash Reporting
  • Action Cohorts
  • Retention Analytics

Price: 14-day free trial/Paid

Platforms Supported: iOS and Android

(To be continued)

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