Top 7 Magic Tools for App Marketing

It would be tragic and excessive if I said that building and running an App is always extremely difficult, because we all know it. The “promotion” for your product is not easy, exactly. However, there is one thing you need to know, that we can completely remove the difficulties mentioned above with support from a number of smart platforms available as useful App Marketing tool.

What tools will help you advertise your App Marketing in a simple and effective way? Please follow the article below!

App Marketing toolkit for App Marketers to promote app downloads

First of all, please confirm that all of the following tools possess a lot of marketing support features for the application.

However, in the article below, I will only mention the preeminent aspects of each tool – which can help you focus on each specific strategic stage.

Crashlytics – App Marketing tool that tracks application errors

Let’s start by looking at our products, are you sure that it’s a perfect application?

Of course it is impossible, because there is not anything in this world that is considered perfect. Therefore, even if there is a terrible big error or just an unnecessary trouble to use.

The problem is still how to minimize the ability of users to discover them? More than anyone, you are the one who understands the importance of this. Of course, don’t want those errors to repeat in the next upgrade of the application, right?

Talking about this point, Crashlytics is the solution available to help you eliminate these worries. By analyzing the stack trace in the program and providing real-time data, Crashlytics will help you improve application quality and be more secure when you bring them to the market.

Optimizely Marketing App Tool – Solution for implementing A/B Testing

After solving important issues such as application errors, it’s time to consider the needs and interests of users.

How to have a “common voice” between the application and customer expectations?

Very simple! Try offering two versions of your app to potential users and gathering their opinions on them.

Between version A and version B, customers will automatically make their own choices. Your job is to rely on those chosen trends to make the final decision.

If you remember, I mentioned the need for A / B testing and the best way to get feedback from customers.

However, it is difficult to do so without a proper tool to help deliver the desired results

Optimizely is the tool that can assist you in this by providing the ability to optimize and conduct A / B tests quickly. The author of the tool also understands the purpose of increasing interaction and allowing to change the application as soon as you have the right solution.

App Radar – The best ASO (App Store Optimization) tool

If you’ve ever watched our posts, you probably understand the importance of optimizing the App Store. Of course, we affirm that you can still do it yourself.

But this job requires you to spend a lot of time and knowledge to comply with the App Store display rules. When you don’t have those resources, you can rely on experts. They will help you optimize the whole, or at least perform the most difficult steps such as finding keywords to describe your application.

App Radar is one of the best choices. This App Marketing tool will increase application visibility. With smart AI built-in based on ASO application store optimization tool platform.

App Annie – Professional market research

It’s great to be able to take care of your application, but you also need to remember the success of the product depends on many factors that directly affect how you manage your work.

Being one step ahead of your opponent and being aware of the application market is essential every time you want to make an important decision. The mobile world is constantly changing and you need to know it to get the best results.

One of the most popular services that can provide solutions when you need a panoramic view of the application market is App Annie.

If you regularly monitor blog posts, you may realize that you often check the data listed on this platform before giving specific explanations.

Annie Intelligence application is the best App Marketing tool available to help you carefully plan your strategy.

App Samurai – Search for the right user

Now is the time to think about how to attract as many users as possible.

However, do you need everything for your plan?

Or is it only those who will contribute to increasing the value of the new application?

The worst is that you can’t attract customers to pay for your product. As well as headache when witnessing your application uninstalled by customers after the campaign ends.

If you wonder how to avoid falling into that situation, the answer is selection.

Focus on real users who need your application and those who inspire you to build it. App Samurai provides professional tools that allow you to create effective strategies to achieve your goals and avoid the risks of advertising fraud.

In addition to the user-friendly navigation panel, this app offers you 3 options: Acquisition campaign, Price increase campaign and Video advertising campaign.

TUNE – Value distribution

Even if you own the best App Marketing tools, you still have to measure and analyze the results to predict and plan for the next step.

If in the previous stages, you can do everything yourself without any professional support, to this point, to understand deeply and reliably about the campaign of I find it necessary to find a smart solution.

The App Marketing tool that tracks the distribution of contributing values ​​(Attribution) provides the right elements to eliminate guesswork and help you focus on the elements that really matter.

By optimizing your strategy and getting the best results from your advertising campaign based on understanding the return on advertising spend (ROAS). TUNE is one of the most suitable tools for this stage, especially when it is able to prevent fraudulent mobile ads.

AppsFlyer – Improving the status of users removing apps

After improving the application, “taking care” of the app store (App Store), researching choices and attracting new users, you think this is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy. result?

It is impossible, because this is the ideal time for you to observe the operation of the strategy and evaluate its effectiveness.

Try answering the questions below:

How many customers continue to use your application?

If some users decide to uninstall the application, do you know what the reason is?

That happens comes from how you build the application, because the customer experience has not been as good or the problem lies in the mistakes you make when developing the product?

All these questions will be revealed by an intelligent App Marketing tool called AppsFlyer.

I mentioned this platform because of the ability to find errors in strategy and why users decided to uninstall its application. In this way, AppsFlyer will help you quickly change plans and take the right steps to retain customers.

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