11 Tips To Design Great UI For Mobile App

Phone applications become so familiar to all users around the globe. An eye-catching and powerful application will provide a valuable experience with the user’s choice.

Important things we need to consider while developing a phone application are UX and UI. Before going deeper into the features, we need to understand the target audience you target for your application. No matter how much effort you put into design, the last thing you need is a nice and easy-to-use application interface for users.

Have you heard about “Bad experience design?” Yes, most of the reason they come from too bad UI design. Bad designs do not bring the feeling of wanting to try from users, from which the desire to provide experience for them goes bankrupt. To avoid that, see some small tutorials that you might consider designing.

1. The image is the right size

When it comes to graphic elements, programmers often type “one size for all”, this is the wrong approach. There is no doubt that it will help them manage things more simply but it can restrain the “beauty” of the application. In order for the app to look attractive, the graphic elements must also follow with each type of device.

2. Full Responsive

It should be noted that the user interface should be designed in the direction that the application is fully usable on all open devices and systems. Pay attention to all the issues that are feedback on every device.

3. Format appropriate

We have problems when the application loads a large graphic file. It is not just about wrong size but also the use of inappropriate formats. Android can use formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP and WebP. PNG is suitable for high quality images and JPG is good enough.

4. Color to notice

Should use small movements to switch between screens and set different UI colors to inform the status of the application. For example, changing the color of buttons when interacting (pressing, holding, dropping) helps users get feedback from the application.

5. Keep things simple

This is not really about using minimalist style in design. Keeping things simple means an approach in the way that the first user can immediately use the application without having to see the tutorial or a video. Of course, a simple user interface is the type of application that helps users to do many things with the least help.

6. Large enough font

Like the above, using a large, easy-to-read font will help readers feel comfortable. Stay away from fonts smaller than 12pt.

7. Contrast to look

What makes your eyes uncomfortable when you receive an email with colorful fonts comes with flashy wallpaper. Stay away from such things by using a color scheme that is recommended to make the content better read.

8. Follow the platform instructions

Many applications look for the benefit of user familiarity. They create simplicity and an intuitive interface for easy control of what was created. Do not try to go back to history with too new interfaces that users have to learn from the beginning.

If you are trying to be creative, use A / B testing to have an effective comparison with your UI.

9. Always have Back button

The Back button is a button that users use a lot. If you are on iOS, you should have a Back button in the left corner where the user desires.

10. Use Beta Testing

What is observed is that developers are not very interested in QA or beta testing. Once the application is available, it would be good to start with a few users who will comment on the design and purpose. By placing the application right in front of the user, you can capture the unforeseen issues before launching the official version.

11. Popular icons are effective

There are dozens of icons that have been released for decades. If you are a UI design, you should have a set of favorite icons that you can use, but pay attention to their common characteristics to help people realize its meaning.

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