7 Free Tips to Improve Your App Store Optimization Skills

It is well known that App Store Optimization can help you in various ways and lead you to success in the mobile app industry. Additionally, you don’t even have to spend money throughout your optimization process. With the help of these 7 free tips, you will have a better chance to gain more new users and downloads for your mobile app.

Tip #1: Be Original & Unique

As you may already know by now that your app’s icon is the first thing that interacts with your potential users. App icon is the face that represents you and your brand in the app store. So like any other industry and company, you need to make that first impressions count. Even though it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, people today do it all the time in order to save time due to the fact that modern users don’t want to download an app that they don’t have a good first impression. Because of this, as an app developer, you need to make sure that your potential users will see the value of your app in the app icon.

So when it comes to designing the app icon, simplicity is your main priority. For the purpose of designing a great app icon, here are some rules and tips that you can apply:

  • Avoid Using Words.

One of the most common mistakes that majority of publishers made is putting words into app icon. It’s unnecessary to have texts inside the icon due to the fact that there are plenty of other places in your app page to put words and texts such as app name, app description, etc. Putting words inside the icon will distract users and draw their attention away from the visual aspects of the app icon. Because of this, your main focus when it comes to designing app icon is to prioritize only on the visual aspect of it.

  • One Main Visual Element

The purpose of the app icon is to have an impact on your potential users. In order for an icon to have an impact, your icon design should focus on one main visual element. Try to avoid putting everything about the app or game into the icon. Prioritize in one main important aspect and use it as the center of your app icon.

  • Have The Same App Icon For Different App Stores.

There is a mistake that some developers make is using different icon on different app stores. Users change platform whenever they buy a new phone or a new device so it will be much easier to have the same icon on different platforms. By using the same icon, users can easily find your app in any app store in just a few seconds.

  • Correct Size And Format

It’s always better to give users the highest quality as possible. So when designing the app icon, quality matters. The higher quality app icon the more impressions you will receive. In order to do this, you need to use the correct size and format. The app icon must be visible at 1024×1024 resolution.

  • Be Creative

Try to be creative with your app icon. You want to define your app and stand out among your competitors. Focus on grabbing the attention of the users in a positive way. Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid of being creative.

Tip #2: What To Put In Your App Title?

If app icon is the face and the logo of the brand, then app title is the name of your company. So choosing a name for your title is a crucial part in ASO. Up to 65% of organic downloads comes from in store searches so you need to make sure you pick the right name that your potential users can easily find their way to your app.

There are 4 basic rules that you need to follow when picking an app name:

  • Focus On The First 25 Characters

Although Apple App Store and Google Play Store have different character limits, they both have the same trait when it comes to app title. The first 25 characters in the app name is what users can only see when they find your app in the app store, so the main focus should be making the best impact possible.

  • Stand Out Among Your Competitors

Another thing that you need to consider is app name should not be too generic. You should also be aware of the existence of other apps and games that are similar to yours.

Firstly, do a quick research to find out whether the name you’re working on is already taken and what apps in the market share the same similarity.

In case of the app name has already been taken or similar to the app name that you are working on, reconsider your strategy. Keep in mind that it’s more difficult to be unique and stand out when everyone is doing the same thing.

  • Use Keywords

Keywords is a crucial part in every search aspect. They are the guide that leads the users to your app. Because of this, using relevant and related keywords in your title is one of the most efficient tactics. You might want to make the most out of the leftover characters in the title to help users find your app or game in an instant.

  • Have URL Friendly Characters

Avoid using special characters or symbols in your app title such as copyright symbols and trademark. It will be difficult for users to find your app so keep it simple and user friendly.

Tip #3: Keep Your Screenshots Fresh

As one of the App Store Optimization main aspects, App screenshots are needed to be polished and optimized. Screenshots are your indicator that demonstrates the functionality and features of the app to potential users. The purpose of app screenshots is to let users know that they are going to have a great experience using your and or playing your game.

To help you with screenshots optimization, you can follow these guidelines:

  • Use All Of Your Available Screenshot Slots.

There more screenshots on your app page, there more details your potential users will know about your app or game.

  • Use High Resolution Screenshots

High resolution images with definitely grab the attention from potential users. Due to the fact that high quality screenshots can demonstrate how good your app is and how much you care about your app.

  • Put Your Best Screenshot In The First Slot

Just like the app icon, your first screenshot will determine the face of your app. Since it the first screenshot that potential users will look at, you need to make that first impressions count.

Tip #4: Categorize Your App

Picking the right category for your app or game is one of the best practices in App Store Optimization. This process will make it easier for potential users to find your app in the app stores. Furthermore, it also narrow down your competitors. There are a few things that you need to consider before picking the category for your app.

  • Choose The Least Competition.

It’s important to know and understand about your competition. You need to know who you are competing with in order to have a good preparation. It’s difficult to gain visibility within highly competitive category. Because of this, it is wiser to pick the lowest level of competition. Start small and then work your way up.

  • Pick The Most Relevant Category For Your App.

It’s a common mistake that most publishers make is putting their apps or games in the wrong category. Keep in mind that not every low competitive category is relevant to your app or game. So it’s important to research a variety of categories then pick the most relevant one to your app.

Tip #5: Describe Your App Precisely And In Details

App description is another important aspect of ASO but most publishers often make mistakes when it comes to this section of the app page. A precise and authentic app description can show your audience the values of your app or game. Despite the fact that some might argue that app description doesn’t have any influence in app store SEO, potential users are still exposed to it. Because of this, you need to optimize it.

There are 4 things that you need to follow when you’re in the app description optimizing process:

  • The First 3 Sentences Are your Main Priority

The first thing your audience will read are your first 3 sentences in the app description. As always, the first impression is the most important things of ASO. Grab the audience attention by demonstrating the best value about your app and convincing potential users to download your app.

  • Include User’s Experience In The Description

Secondly, including your current user’s experience is a good way to write a convincing app description. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy.

  • Write Your Best Benefits and Features

Put yourself in the user’s shoes, they always want something first before giving something away. So it’s important to tell your audience what benefits they will get from your app and what kind of experience they are getting into. Describing your features precisely and clearly for potential users is the best way to draw them into downloading your app.

  • Self-promotion

App description is your sales tool, you want to let them know about the product that you’re presenting and you want to convince them to install your app. You want to let your potential uses know how much you care about your app and how much effort you have put into it. Last but not least, make sure that you include your contact information

Tip #6: User’s Reviews And Ratings

As mentioned above, word of mouth is one of the best sales tactics today. Nothing can beat great and positive reviews about your apps. Your app reviews and ratings will be determined by potential users and they will consider whether your app is worth downloading or not. There are a few ways to get positive reviews for your app.

  • Friends & Family

Ask your friends and relatives to leave reviews on your app pages. However, make sure that they have already used your app or play your game and know a good amount of insight about your product. Nothing beats an honest and sincere review.

  • Your Current Users

Nothing is more convincing than your current users reviews and ratings. They knows better than anyone else. You can ask your users to leave reviews and feedback on your app page by pushing notifications. However, do not abuse it due to the fact that your users might be annoyed by receiving too many notifications. Because of this, you need to put your notification wisely.

Tip #7:Analyzing & Keep On Testing

Once you have gone through all of the process of ASO, it’s time to put it to the test. Focus on analyzing the performance and results while you’re testing your changes. Because ASO is a continuous process, there are no limits to it so your goal is to keep improving your app store page.

  • Run A Test with different ASO elements

There are 7 elements in ASO. You need to optimize all of them. However, Take your time during the process. It’s not wise to change everything at once. You can start by optimizing 1 or 2 aspects of ASO then run a test. If they aren’t improving your downloads you can try to optimize other elements. App Store Optimization does not have any limits so you should keep on trying and improving during the process.

  • Analyzing your results

Keep track of your performance and results. Then analyzing each one of them for the purpose of finding out whether you’re on the right track and what you need to change your strategy. It’s a long journey to success but it is worth it in the end.

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