Ad Format: The Right Choice To Earn More Revenue

Effective ads should improve your revenue rather than being the reason for user to frustrating delete your app and lead to the loss in retention rate. There are  simple factors you would need to know:

  • Optimizing placement of an app.
  • Choosing appropriate ad format to maximize your revenues.

Key factors to make a good ad placement.

Here are some useful information for you would need to remember to optimize your ad placement:

  • Appropriate ads placement: Your ads need to be relevant to the user as well as perfectly match with the content of the app. There should be a good combination between user interface, gamification to achieve higher revenue and make sure your app does not annoyed user by appearing at the wrong time.
  • Friendly User Experience: It would be a disaster to make wrong ads placement which generates huge negative impact on your user’s experience. For example, the ads must not overlay menu and control buttons in app (This is also a violation of Google policy which might make your app get banned from app store). Also the ads should be displayed at the right time, you definitely would not want to annoy your users by showing ads at intense moment when your users are facing the difficult boss of a stage.
  • Consistency: The ad placement should be consistent with the design in your app design. Also make it clear for user to identify which one is app, which one is the elements such as menu button in the app. As a result your users would not be confused when an app appear and know how to interact with it.

Numerous choice of ads formats, which one generate maximum revenue for you?

As publishers, you would have plenty of choices to monetize your product: In order to know what ad format would be most effective for your mobile app monetization strategy.

Mobile display ads.

  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Fullscreen Ads
  • Rich media Ads

Video Ads

  • In-stream (Served within video content)
  • Out-stream (Served inside banner, interstitial or other ad formats on top of the app content)

Native Ads

Ads would be quite similar to the content of the app, it would be more friendly and related to the users.

Playable app

Users would interact with ap before downloading

Rewarded video

User need to watch a video to get valuable item in the app/game.

The most Beneficial ad format

Even though the efficiency of ads format depend on several factors: Content, context of app, placement optimization etc… You can still select your decision which ads format to choose base on current trends.

One of metrics for efficiency of ads is the click-through rate (CTR). Despite being considered as classical ads format, banner ads still perform competitive CTR 2.33% CTR compared to full screen ads format (2.55%), interstitial (1.96%). Among different ads format, dialog ads stands out among with 8.66% CTR, the nearest performance is rich media with 3.63%CTR and expandable banner ads with 3.78%.

Also there is a relation between the size of app and CPM/CTR

Video ads also become more popular for both advertisers and publishers due to the high return on investment for this type of ads. On average, the CRM rates of video ads reach $3, significantly higher than other. However, Native advertising ads can reach up to $10 also considered as strongly effective as it provides the attention 3 times higher compared to banner format. However, it takes a huge amount of time to design and create a native ads as well as finding appropriate ad placements for this kind of ads.

In summary, making more revenue for your app requires you to choose the most reasonable placement of your app. Also we provided you knowledge and statistic which could help to choose the right ads format which generate maximum revenue as possible for your apps.

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