What is: Ad Mediation

With just one simple SDK integration, ad mediation is a solution for app monetization that allows app developers to manage and optimize various ad networks in one place. Ad mediation are platforms that give multiple ad networks permission to access an app’s inventory. It also creates a competitive ground for different ad networks to win the auction and get their ad displayed to the users. The higher the competition, the more ad revenue (eCPMs) for publishers.  

Generally, most ad mediation platforms have a strong approach to optimize its ad networks.
When someone issued an ad request, the top performing ad network is notified until its ad pool is totally used up. After that process, the system proceeds to the next ad network on the list until its ad pool is fully used again. Then, the system will keep on repeating the cycle.

On the contrary, advanced mediation platforms use a weight mediation system, which assign and prioritize ad networks according to weight. We measure an ad network’s weight by the performance of a single network regard to other. Thus, the only ad pool that is at the top among others will receive the ad request. This process ensures that high-performing ads are filled into the ad space from each network first, before passing on to lower paying ads.

Based on the majority of reports, publishers increase an average 40% in total ad revenue from weighted mediation system.

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