App Store Optimization: Keywords

Since most users find app through app store search, picking the right keywords for your app is crucial. However, not all keywords are suitable for your app so you need to have a better understanding first before selecting them.

There are 3 important keyword criteria that you need to consider:

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1. Relevance and specificity.

2. Level of competition (Chance Score).

3. Search Volume: Number of searches.

First of all, the most important criteria when it comes to choosing the right keyword is relevance and specificity. You want to pick the most relevant keywords that are related to your app.

For example: “Free mp3 downloader app”. Most relevant keywords:

  • Mp3 downloader
  • Mp3 Download
  • Music downloader

Most irrelevant keywords:  

  • Music
  • Mp3
  • Song

There are 2 types of keywords: short tail keywords and long tail keywords.

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Short tail keywords are the most common keywords, they have a lot of search numbers and high traffic. However, they usually come with high competition.

– Examples for short tail keyword:

  • Photography
  • Photo
  • Photographer
  • Pictures

Long tail keywords are more precise and specific. They often describe your app

in details. They usually don’t have high search numbers but the level of competition is very low

– Example for long tail keyword:

  • Photo editing
  • Photo effects
  • Photo filters
  • Selfie filters

Because of this, when it comes to choosing keywords for your app. You should try to use long

tail keywords. Because it’s difficult to compete with hundreds of apps using the

most common keywords. Your app won’t be able to perform effectively. More

precise keywords will have less competitors and you will have more chance on ranking your app.

Most common mistake when it comes to choosing keywords is that people tend

to only look for keywords that have high number in searches. You should always consider 3 criteria when it comes to picking the right keywords for your app.

You should always start small to get a base of downloads. Once you have built

the foundation for your app, you can start with higher competitive keywords.

It can be hard sometimes to start from scratch when looking for keywords. Here

are some tips that you can use when you’re choosing keywords for your app:

1. Brainstorming keyword ideas: Make sure to write down some ideas for

your keywords and keep them for future use.

2. Research your competitor apps: Research your competitors, see what

keywords they use. Make a list of what you can find from them and try which one works out for you the most.

3. Keyword suggestions: You can use some of the online tools that provides you some suggestions.

4. App store autocomplete suggestions.

5. App store reviews: Look throw user reviews for keywords that they use.

Once you have selected the keywords that you want to use for your app. You need to know exactly where to put them.

In Google Play Store, the most important place to put keyword is your app title.

You’re only allowed to have maximum 30 characters in your App title, so you

need to put your most relevant and specific keyword there. After the app title, you

can put the rest of your keywords in your App description.

In Apple App Store, you can have up to 50 characters in your app title. Same

like Google Play Store, your app title is your main priority to put the most related

keywords. Unlike Google Play Store, Apple App Store has an iTunes Connect

Keyword Field. It allows you to enter 100 characters so you should make the most out of it. This will give you more chances of getting downloads.

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