Breakthrough Idea For Mobile App Marketing (P1)

There are more than 2.1 million applications available on the App Store (iOS) and about 3.7 million applications on Google Play (Android). So how to not be “sunk” between a huge app store? Marketing is definitely the battle you need to be committed to being a prominent person. Below, Gamob would like to share 10 great marketing ideas that can help you lead the way among countless other similarly functional applications.

1. Build a Microsite

Finding a direct marketing application on Google Play / App Store will be very difficult because there are so many similar apps competing to show and you don’t have a lot of “land” to show off your best. So, instead of getting into the “crowded land”, you should create a new land for yourself with more marketing capabilities.

Microsite is a small-scale website that focuses on communicating details about events, new product launches or promotions. Regular microsite, whether well designed and attractive, only exists for a short time, within 1 to 2 months. Microsite is not the purpose of promotion, they also bring the mission to help the brand of the door goods interact with consumers and identify target customers more easily.

The highlight of the microsite is its low investment cost, which normally equals one-tenth to one-third of the budget to build a normal website. Microsite also supports business staff who are very proficient in introducing and selling new products. Thanks to these advantages, microsite has been becoming a very popular online advertising tool, but not everyone who is an online marketer will exploit it effectively.

2. Participate in related competitions / events

This is a marketing idea for a very smart mobile application. Because at the competitions, the event will have a lot of media coverage. If you join it and cleverly integrate appropriate advertising methods, it means your application is PR free!

To implement this marketing idea, you first need to understand what your application is talking about and which user object it will help. If it’s a cooking app, join the cooking program. If it’s a fitness app, join the fitness contest.

In 2009, when RunKeeper (a jogger application, allowing users to follow their training process) has just launched, its founder – Jason Jacobs took part in a race named Boston Marathon in a suit. iPhone with its application image on it. This creates a lot of buzz and attracts countless people’s attention. When running a marathon, Jacobs put his application in a very realistic and curious context. This has brought success to RunKeeper.

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3. Encourage downloading applications with real rewards

Who doesn’t like rewards and free stuff?

Giving value or accumulating points is a great method of marketing mobile device applications because it will increase interest and motivate users to download the app to experience. In the example below, Uber encouraged users to register and download the app by providing a secret promotional code for new members. In addition to Uber’s way of doing things, you can also give rewards to people who have shared, encouraging their friends to download the application. With this method, your app downloads will definitely increase.

4. Use the “download app” button on Social Media

Most social media platforms provide you with a way to add CTA (Call to action) “Download app” to the page. For example, below is Zalando with the “Use app” button on their facebook:

And here is CTA download the application of ClassPass on Instagram:

This marketing idea is simple but extremely effective. When users are engrossed in poring over the content posted on your social media, just make suggestions and guide them to a mobile application that has more useful, more interesting things that will surely have more fans. will accept downloading the app immediately.

For better results, besides the CTA button, add the link of the application to the content you post. That way, you will get more downloads without creating an overwhelming sense of advertising for your customers.

5. Influencer marketing

The story of Influencer has been repeated many times by Levica in her previous posts. This is a very effective marketing method but it is necessary to find the right people and go the right way. For example, if your app is about fashion, look for stylists. If your app is about taking photos, connect with the photographers. Another point to note is that many marketers decide to pay Influencer a fee in exchange for winged advertisements. But Levica advises you not to do so because sooner or later users will realize that Influencers are receiving money to advertise for you. Instead, look for people who really appreciate your company and invite them to try the app. You can give some benefits to Influence, but make sure they don’t praise your app just for the benefit.

If you need to find an example of the success of this mobile app marketing idea, here is a very clear demonstration!

At the time of its launch, Versa Make up (a makeup app with the target audience of students and students) had very little marketing budget, only 500USD. With this limited amount of money, the company cannot even post an advertisement on the internet. But the “hard and smart”, the Versa Make up connected with 6 influential people in the youth community, asking them to download the app for trial and comment. The results are truly amazing! After the Influencers posted reviews on their personal facebook, Versa Make up achieved 4,000 downloads in less than 1 week.

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