Word of Mouth Marketing – How to Turn App users Into App Advertisers.

We are human being with excitements, angers and happy feelings so called emotion. Whenever we experience amazing things in our life, we have demand to share with people around us and express our feeling. A recommendation to buy, to try as an user to friends would be way more persuasive than from an advertisers.

Therefore, there is no doubt that word of mouth advertising is a powerful tool. No matter you are selling candy or building an app, you need to create emotion among your products and drive them into sharing their experiences to people around. Being able to do this thing well, you would have the great result in number of downloads for your app.

Emotion – The key factor

If you design your game and it successfully bring the strong emotion such as joy, excitement, fear or any other strong emotional reaction, it would be high chance that they want to share that feeling.

We took Flappy Bird – the example familiar with everybody. The looping game was successful to become the phenomenon 6 years a go. Flappy Bird was an extreme challenging frustration game. It is even tough for players survive in the first 4 seconds of the game. Consequently, the game bring a lot of anger – one of strongest emotions in human being. Anger keep user playing over and over again until they break their own records. Then fulfillment and happiness is the next emotion trigger user’s next action to share and compete with their friends.

The result as we can see, Flappy Bird became worldwide successful thanks to words of mouth advertising.

Right time – right place call to action.

Apart from emotion generated from your game, you also need to provide the easiest method for your user to share your app. When sharing their experience is just a tap on screen, you have increased the chance of sharing your game dramatically.

Of course you would need to display call to action at the right time during user’s session. It could be after the game a players has finish, the score along with call to action: “Share your game on Facebook” appear to trigger their action. You can look at “C.A.T.S The Crash Arena turbo”, players can share replay of their fight right after the game finished.

This game also has match betting system where play can choose to go all-in their goal. If people lose all gold on a bet, it would be an upset for them. Otherwise if they win and successfully double everything they have, it is great happiness for them to share.

Understanding user feeling roller coaster would be crucial for you. Displaying call to action at the right time make it more likely your game is shared among users exploit word of mouth advertising.

Integration with social network

After deciding the right place to display your in-app call to action, you need an effective channel where users can easily recommend the game to their friends. There is no doubt, social network: Facebook with 2.38 billions of user, Instagram with over 1 billion of user. In those users can easily share picture/game updates on their wall, therefore your content would reach more people. One tip to increase the rate converting your friends-of-user into actual users is to show most attractive parts of your game. Also provide the easy access to your new potential users. Make sure when user attempt to experience your product, they can quickly register an account with Google Mail or Facebook account in few seconds.

Just do it!

Trying to exploit word-of-mouth advertising is not easy for sure. It would take you huge amount of time and effort to come up with ideas as well as handle technical issues for call to action. However hard work for great rewards, and that is when user actively talk and share about your app. The final result: number of your app/game download would be far better than what you can expect.

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