Breakthrough Idea For Mobile App Marketing (P2)

Following part 1, learn about 5 marketing ideas for the remaining mobile applications in this article

6. Video production

Video is the easiest way to introduce everything on your application. What solution is providing the solution? How useful is it? How to use? All can be described very vividly and easily understood through video. You can make a full series of videos with different content such as demo demo videos, user how-to videos, special feature introduction videos, etc. Note, video length should not exceed 30s with demo video and no more than 60s with how-to video.

Once you’ve created the video, you’ll need to take advantage of different social media and platforms to promote your product. Your video series can be posted on websites, blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

7. Rate me button

User rating is a very important criterion for Google Play / App Store to rank for your application. The more positive reviews you have, the more you will improve the ASO (1) (App Store Optimization) for your application. Therefore, in the app, you should create a “Rate me” button, with a button that links to your other apps on Google Play / App Store. This will be able to improve the rating and help your app top.

But to achieve the best results, you need to know the “rate me” button in a user-friendly place and appear at the right time. Frequent pop up on the screen will make it counterproductive and obstruct the user. Often the app will show a “rate me” button when a new user enters or prepares to leave the app.

(1) ASO: is a series of jobs to increase the display rank of a mobile application on the app store (like iTunes, Google Play on Android). Simply put, ASO is similar to SEO, except SEO helps optimize search results on Google and ASO focuses on app stores.

8. Bring the application to real life

The application is a two-dimensional display on the phone screen, though very useful and convenient but it is hard and lifeless. So why not make it “alive” and more realistic by bringing the app to life? Organize activities, events that help people connect more closely with the app you build.

Clear proof of the success of this marketing idea is Angry Birds. The founders of this gaming application have had some “crazy” advertising tactics but are extremely effective. One of them was the event in May 2011. The company that created Angry Birds decided to close the gap between digital and real life by bringing its game out of life. In the middle of Barcelona, ​​they built a stage that resembled an in-game scene and allowed players to use smartphones to control and shoot real-life bird versions. This event was a huge success and brought about 500 million downloads for Angry Birds.

9. Put the Download app link on the website

If you already have a website with stable reach traffic, think about taking advantage of existing visitors to be able to achieve more application downloads. You need to provide links to Google Play / App Store to help users get access to the app and download it easily. You should also add a QR code so that computer users can quickly download by scanning, rather than having to enter a long or searchable address. In addition, to increase efficiency, add content to the benefits, outstanding features of the application along with CTA clearly.

10. Create motivational applications

If you have a “blockbuster” that wants to be released to the public but can’t promote like big companies, then this is a marketing idea for a mobile app that is economical and effective. . Instead of trying to “overstretch your hands” for PR activities, aggressive marketing, you should focus resources to create easy-to-implement and highly popular applications to create a springboard for the mainstream app. mine. For example, applications such as cooking, reading, quiz, etc. are quite easy to do but can attract a large number of users. You can take advantage of this number of downloaders to advertise your blockbuster mobile app later.

Hopefully the 10 marketing ideas for the mobile application above will help you promote the app successfully and achieve the desired effect!

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