Top 10 Tools For Designing Mobile App (Part 1)

UI is always one of the factors that any app publisher needs to focus on and always wants to make their design worthwhile to end users. Developing a valuable mobile application requires top-notch skills and creativity. So the right tools will both help the app designers have quality designs, standard templates that save time. time and effort.

Although designers still need to have their own creative ideas, as well as paper sketches on products. App designing software is making it easier than tedious and easy to share finished or unfinished jobs with clients, developers , and designers.

Among the numerous design tools, which tool is appropriate. Gamob will introduce you to 10 tools to design the most popular and useful applications. And part 1 is the first 5 tools

Designing Tool #1: Sketch

Create, prototype, collaborate and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.

For contemporary app developers, Sketch is a lightweight MacBook-based UI / UX development instrument. Sketch is more like Adobe Photoshop, but it is constructed primarily for prototyping applications and has one of the largest wireframe and prototyping room share.

The download volume is about 20 megabytes, it does not use too many system funds, it very quickly sells assets. Ultimately, you just need to purchase it once and then renew your permit every year. With that, you can’t animate. For most app developers, though, it’s a excellent option.

So you need to merge this app with other instruments like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator if you want to edit pictures. Are you a supporter of a PC? The people at Bohemian Coding may not support PCs so sad.

Here’s what they said in their FAQ: “Due to the technologies and frameworks exclusive to OS X that Sketch has been built upon, regrettably we will not be considering supporting Sketch on either of these platforms.”

Designing Tool #2: Build Fire

BuildFire is an end-to-end platform for app growth that can be a excellent instrument for mobile app developers, enabling you to develop a working prototype of the app you are developing.

BuildFire has fully customizable features that allows you to upload any of your models, customize fonts, colours and more. You may even discover that the built-in software on the BuildFire platform. It has everything you need to build a fully functional device that you can post directly from the platform to the IOS and Google Play store. You can build your prototype and test it on your phone completely free and only pay when you are ready to publish.

Designing Tool #3: Adobe Experience Design (XD)

 XD is Sketch’s immediate rival. If you’re a PC enthusiast and you’ve been looking to use Sketch but you’ve been restricted because it supports Mac solely, this is excellent news for you.

XD gives you basically all the characteristics you get from Sketch — wireframe, prototyping, and more.

XD’s ridiculously quick and simple to use. Although it is still in beta state and lacks some characteristics like any other fresh item and in this state it only offers Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Many app developers have used it and are in love with it. XD’s really exciting.

Don’t get me wrong, XD isn’t as nice as Sketch yet, but it’s promising and could defeat its counterpart in the foreseeable future.

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Designing Tool #4: Axure RP

Axure RP is a full application development instrument for skilled developers. It attempts to offer you all the features you need to develop your app from beginning to finish. That doesn’t imply it’s ideal, of course.

Aside from prototyping, you can create wire frames, mock ups, flowcharts, personas, idea panels and more easily.

The exciting thing is, if you’re a code bug and want to do some homework, it enables you to write. And it also enables you to add parts and libraries prepared to use to assist you generate even stronger layout seamlessly.

So you’re not restricted, I think you’re restricted by your fantasy. All this, however, sums up why it has a steep learning curve. Thinking if it promotes your operating system? Axure RP presently supports OS X and Windows OS.

Designing Tool #5: Marvel

Looking to design, prototype and collaborate with your squad? Marvel makes it possible for you to do all that.
It also allows you to synchronize your drawings readily from other instruments like Sketch or Photoshop, illustrator.
You can therefore combine your creations from distinct instruments and use Marvel to create it come alive with all the animation characteristics. 
Needless to mention, you’re not going to limit yourself to employing an after-effect specialist to do animations for your static prototype. It enables you to readily add animations.
Unlike other instruments, Marvel is supper-specific— design, prototype, and cooperate. If this looks like what you’re searching for, then Marvel could be your development instrument.

In sum, there are many helpful tools for designing mobile app. The remaining 5 tools will be introduced in part 2.

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