Top 10 Tools For Designing Mobile App (Part 2)

In part 1, we talked about the importance of UI in making a mobile app and introduced about 5 first tools. With so many design tools everywhere nowadays, it can be challenging to choose the best tool for your particular type of app. 

So in part 2, we will continue to list 5 tools for designing mobile app which developers prefer to use. 

Designing Tool #6:

You can create your job with simpler with a lot of layout and prototype templates. It’s simple to use, because no coding is needed. More importantly, you can import your UI components seamlessly from Sketch or Photoshop.

To demonstrate the flow of your app across separate screens, you can use the timeline function to produce cool animations. It’s created to be elegant and easy. has many characteristics.

Do you have Dropbox or Google Drive property? enables you to readily synchronize them to make your workflow easier. These interesting features of (Material Design UI Library and Offline Mode) can not be overlooked— although it is a internet app that you can truly work with when you’re not online.

Fortunately, it’s a browser-based prototyping tool, you don’t have to purchase any heavy software, you can begin using it immediately after signing up for a free trial of 15 days.

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Designing Tool #7: Origami Studio

Origami is a separate interface development instrument created by Facebook technicians, used by Facebook to develop Facebook applications such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram, and is now accessible free of charge. It is a complicated instrument with excellent features.

With Origami (Android or iOS), you can test your device prototype, copy and paste Sketch sections, and get them to work in Origami. Do you want to demonstrate your drawings to your customers or anyone else? You can document your prototype from the Origami app and submit it rapidly to anyone.
Another great feature Origami has is that you can link it to your iOS or Android device to test it as you operate on it and see live modifications.

Designing Tool #8: OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is a diagram development instrument that offers image streams, strategy maps, wireframes, and a range of diagrams with characteristics and liberty to prototype.

You can rapidly view the flow of your app with OmniGraffle. So, it enables you plan the creation of your app without much trouble.

Designing Tool #9: Balsamiq

Balsamiq enables you build wireframes and wireframes easily alone, unlike other instruments. So, if you’re searching for a instrument to build wireframes by yourself, then Balsamiq is doing a excellent job.

You can choose to create drawings of wireframes or create models of smooth wireframes. The sweetest thing is it’s quick and it has many UI components to suit your thought-out layout.

Designing Tool #10: JustInMind

JustInMind is a separate instrument for the design and prototyping of wireframes. You can download this tool for team cooperation to your server. It enables you to connect to your application through its widget library HTML, videos, internet widgets, docs, interactive maps and online / offline maps.

JustinMind also enables JIRA, Microsoft TFS, Doors integration. From the same platform, you can handle your crew members. Moreover, they have loads of additions of plugins to assist create your work simpler.

In sum, Gamob hope that these tools for designing mobile app, will help you save time and improve UI, UX of your apps.

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