UX UI: 4 Tips Make Well Design App

1. Understanding your users.

Understanding your users is the most important factors as you need to provide suitable application style for right people. You should identify who are the potential users of your apps. One of most effective methods to gain understanding on your target audience is doing surveys. The set of questions to find out their segmentation: Age, psychology and behavior. Information comes from those statistic would bring you clear ideas what your users expected from a mobile app. Then you would have ideas how to provide them the best experience and satisfaction using your app.

2. Typography is compulsory for your app.

Typography make your content displayed better for the users. Whether simple or elegant, you need to choose appropriate style based on your target audience. Applying typography requires skills to make your content and once you do good typography in your app, your content would be surprisingly more interesting.

3. Keep your app simple to users.

You need to keep your app simply and clarity as much as you can. You would need to pay attention on your app flow. As well as content organization to provide clear idea what your app about. Also visual design is important, guarantee that users clearly understand the how to use your form, buttons and images. Then they would being able to use your app without any confusions.

4. Frequently improve and update your app.

No matter how many times you have tested your apps, there are always mistakes or things you might need to improve. It is essential to review your app frequently, fix bugs in your app, optimize existing functions and develop new features to attract your users. The tips to improve your app well is to get feedback from your users. Their experience and opinion on your app would be priceless in term of proving you the ideas what you can do to make your app better.


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